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CSX 4023

CSX 4023

March 2020

32 responses to “CSX 4023”

  1. Is that numeric code the official name of this train model? Never the less this is old school but to be honest I like it. Sure everything is grand now due to the times but old school seems more sturdy and dependable compare to the new ones today.

  2. This is an old train…brings back old memories.. Hope it still works…great photography man..I love it

  3. It still looks like it could run. What did this train do, was it a passenger train or one that carries goods?

  4. These trains still exists in this part of the world. It’s hard to come by one inmin country.

  5. I really love old trains. What a pleasant photo. It helps to remember past times worth remembering.

  6. I really love old trains, what a pleasant photo. It helps to remember past times worth remembering.

  7. This is an old model train….very strong and slow… lovely output, the colour still looks intact.

  8. This are trains used to move dangerous chemicals. The output is really beautiful and the camera is really good

  9. This sure is an old school train. What it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in strength and build quality.

  10. It appears as though the train is transporting some oil. The container in the carriage alludes to that.

  11. It’s delightful to see these types of trains still around. It’s a little piece of history.

  12. I’m surprised the train isn’t letting out any smoke. One would expect that from these old models.

  13. How beautiful to be able to appreciate a photographic shot of that brilliant machine, which transports me to the ancient times.

  14. This can be described as a classic photo because it takes one down the memory lane especially in my country.

  15. The sky and the clouds are really attractive here. the train is a great source for mobility which I have never used though.

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