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CSX 453


September 2016

12 responses to “CSX 453”

  1. Wow..the blue colour gives this picture an alluring charm..great shot buddy..I love this

  2. Awww this is a wonderfull picture, you captured great colors, great topic ad the right moment. Is oe of my favorites.

  3. This is a wonderful shot. All the details are present and color match is good too.

  4. I love this photo, wow with my favorite color blue, the Sky looks so lovely and make the photo so outstanding.

  5. It pops unlike your other dark shots I love that. The subject fits since a train. Dark wont cut it.

  6. I have never ridden a train. There’s no trailway in where I live and I always wanted to ride in a train someday. I like the old fashioned trains just like in the picture not the modern ones.

  7. Awesome picture dude and more so capturing it in motion that’s just crazy talent. I have to to ask is CSX-453 the name of the train or ?

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