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CSX 563 and CSX 5209

September 2020

22 responses to “CSX 563 and CSX 5209”

  1. I freaking love freight trains! I love watching them go by, wondering constantly what exactly they’re hauling inside. It’s a fun little game to imagine what they may have in those big boxcars 🙂

  2. Oh! How I remember my last trip to Japan. Trains are always what I look forward to when I travel because it makes me pass through different kinds of life. One moment you’re in the city, the next moment you’re in the countryside!

  3. What is the difference between the two? Anyway these trains look like they were taken out of a book and that makes it cool. If anything the skill of Tom is on display here. Keep it up man!!! Good job!!!

  4. just the perfect clouds for a picture of this nature. The background helps to give the train photo a facelift

  5. The appearance of clouds adds to the ferocity of this train. The color looks so attractive in this image.

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