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CSX Box Car


20 responses to “CSX Box Car”

  1. This is part of a train I assume because as I watch Mission Impossible with my boyfriend, Tom Cruise hopped into one of these. It looks like a storage or cargo box though if you do not know its context.

  2. This really looks like a container attached to a train. I have got a thing for black and white effect on pictures. Lovely output Thomas

  3. Whatever it is that is saved inside this container is definitely safe. Nice black and white photo output.

  4. I wonder what secrets that darkness holds inside. Looks like a heart stopping still from a horror movie.

  5. What makes this picture look mysterious is because of the darkness in the box car itself. What’s in there …

  6. I love the mix of clear definition with the box car and the blurred vision of the grass and outer landscape. There’s a nice sense of intrigue as well with the doors opening making you question what’s inside.

  7. I like how the black and white makes this photo stand out. It gives it a beautiful nostalgic effect too.

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