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May 2020

29 responses to “Curiosity”

  1. Could this my lost Molly, I had a dog like this that just went missing still date. Nice shot.

  2. Whaooo, nice posture from the dog. The quality of this photograph is of high quality.

  3. Curiosity they say killed the cat….thos must not kill pickles but makes it loos cute. I love dogs

  4. looking at this dog makes my eye teary, i had once this kind of dog and it was stolen!

  5. The perfect definiton of curiousity. Reminded me the dog of a friend. Really look a like and the expression tho. So cute.

  6. what a curious look…posture defines the mood. He is eager to know something, probably the lens of the camera.

  7. I am always filled with curiosity in this life. Do I also look like this in a photo :), not bad at all! I love this dog’s gaze, adorable!

  8. I’ve never seen a dog with such a puzzled look. I sometimes find dogs or even little kids have some innate wisdom and see the world differently from the naked eye.

  9. We can’t understand their “aww aww” but we can understand their eyes. Eyes is the only window to the soul. This dog has so much to say that only the love of its owner can understand. Talking eyes, nice shot.

  10. I bet the dog is curious about what the camera is. I like that she is so inquisitive.

  11. I love the way the dog is staring at the camera. It’s like it really wants to talk haha.

  12. Dogs make the best companions. There’s a reason they are called man’s best friend.

  13. Pickles is back!!!! Well all dogs are curious what is bad is when they use that curiosity to chew on things. I doubt she will do that I guess a walk should take care of it.

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