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Curious Horse

August 2018

16 responses to “Curious Horse”

  1. I hope I can see this horse’s whole face. She must be very cute and lovely.

  2. You should have taken the photograph of the whole face of the horse..why is the horse curious?.. Great shot

  3. Why not,with hose large ears I’m sure it will like to ear all after seeing all. Cute horse though and the position of capture makes it look better.

  4. I’m always fascinated by how much curious the horses are. It’s like they always want to know more about the human life, maybe because they spend a lot of time with people.

  5. Will I say sideline of a cute horse face. A curious horse, I wonder what he or she want to know about.

  6. They said curiosity killed the cat. I horse was wondering what it’s like near the lens.

  7. So cute, I never saw a horse doing such thing. I guess it was trying to find out what was the camera object.

  8. This horse reminds me of one so similar we have in our ranch. Horses are very curious and intelligent animals.

  9. I do not know why the horse came so close but it is cool. As for the shot though, I prefer the normal distance so that we can see the horse. However, we cannot fully control animals.

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