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June 2016

14 responses to “Cyclone”

  1. This picture is fascinating. Istill cant find out what type object is in the picture but it akes me think of old boats.

  2. I understand a brand name when I see one but what is it a lock? It almost look antiqued. You always choose vintage for your shot do you?

  3. Looks like an object for holding other light objects on the ground. I saw one at my old grandpa’s.

  4. I wonder how much history is buried in this item. From the look of it, just the inscription can tell so much about when it was being used.

  5. Any time I hear the word cyclone it reminds me of the ones I have witnessed in my place. It seems like this could serve as a memorial.

  6. I like when there’s some mystery about a keeps people wondering what it is all about. I like the color of the image.

  7. This equipment must have been used to do some very heavy lifting. I bet it’s not usable anymore

  8. I can’t quite figure out what this metal might have been used for. The photo is taken beautifully though.

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