October 2018

15 thoughts on “Cynicism

  1. Could this be an abandoned place from your tag but I love white and that white colored door is all I see which looks cool. Nice shot too.

  2. This looks like an abandoned toilet or restroom. You got the shot from the perfect angle which made picture quality a standard one. Thanks for this photography work.

  3. What does that word even mean ha ha. All I know is this room has seen better days. Restoration is a must. If not may as well take it down.

  4. This toilet looks very unkempt and shows it has really been used over the years. How did you cope taking this picture?

  5. Its amazing how despite the dilapidated state of the walls and the sink, the door is very white and in good condition. Look so different.

  6. The quintessential illustration of someone who feels fine but is actually isn’t and doesn’t really care about what the world throws at him or her anymore. It will really come to a point that we may feel like this, especially when we’ve gone through terrible situations in life. Quite a powerful shot illustrating that here.

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