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Dairy Barn

Dairy Barn

July 2014

13 responses to “Dairy Barn”

  1. Interesting colour choice. I guess it gives it an earthy feel being all green.

  2. Where are the cows? I mean I usually see this or imagine this with cows in the field. Good shot just is missing things.

  3. Wow..this is lush..cows can graze on this all day…I love green..nice picture

  4. The green grass is all the animals needs to survive.The shot is just on point and it just depict what you expected it to be.

  5. The house will soon fall I believe I think it needs some rehabilitation before it can be of very good use again.

  6. A good design for a dairy barn. I love the all green color shade in this photo, makes you think of those big ranches.

  7. This dairy barn is so isolated and surrounded by trees. Maybe it is situated in one of those big farms that no one lives around.

  8. Its a lovely dairy barn. Although it’s not so huge, it could be ideal for someone with one or two dairy cows.

  9. Looks like a lonely barn. So isolated and looks very far. Nice and cool tone of filter though.

  10. The lighting is better in this one than that taken on a different angle. This doesn’t look gloomy, just old.

  11. The green color surrounding the dairy barn make you know its farm business around. A good place to graze your cattle for dairy.

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