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Daisy In Vermont

September 2020

26 responses to “Daisy In Vermont”

  1. So beautiful, therefore it is often used as a flower bouquet and given to loved ones. This tiny flower is easy to find in flower shops, parks, and even in the yard.

  2. Daisy flower, the little one with a million benefits. Apart from its beauty and fragrance, this beautiful flower also has many health benefits.

  3. How I love to see beautiful flowers with outstanding colors. They are always lovely like the one in here.

  4. I am not a flower guy but I always see these in films. The infamous LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT flower? I played that game as well.

  5. This daisy sure lightens up my day. I love the clarity of it and how it stands out from the rest of the photo. Nicely done, Tom!

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