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June 2015

26 responses to “Daisy”

  1. captured the beauty of this flower perfectly! The flower seems so lovely and alive it gives positive impact in me. I can say that the photographer is really a pro!

  2. The beauty of daisy which symbolizes innocence. This flower speaks the purity of one person or thing. If I would encounter or see this daisy, it will always remind me of times where the purest heart I have seen.

  3. This is a rare color of flower and it makes this flower unique. The shot is natural too.

  4. I love flowers especially when it has a lively smell. This daisy is a beautiful one and the shot is nice.

  5. I love flowers with suiting smell. This output is fantastic, the effect looks good too

  6. Daisies are one of my Mom’s favorite flower. I remember she used to buy flowers for our room every other day. Nice shot Tom.

  7. Love the way it was captured, so perfect.I would love to have this as my wallpaper.

  8. Beautiful picture, the daisy looks very detailed and almosth floating on the air.

  9. The flower looks very ready for ferterlization. A bee should be visiting it any time now.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a daisy flower. I should really venture out more haha.

  11. I can see the technical details of the photo on the borders. I don’t know whether that is intentional or not.

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