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August 2019

11 responses to “Daybreak”

  1. Daybreak but it says 8 am ha ha. It is morning already. Kidding aside I can hardly catch the sunrise these days due to my schedule. I would love to see it again.

  2. Anytime I see another breaking of the day, I say thank you Lord. This photography is perfectly taken. This alarm clock looks old though. Nice work there TOM.

  3. Looks like an ancient clock with kind of an eerie feel to it. The grim setting adds a daunting effect.

  4. Yeah, the alarm clock is always there to remind of daybreak.This shot looks simple but it really appealing to the sight.

  5. We used to have that similar clock. I miss old looking things. I like it more than the digital ones.

  6. What we always see and what always greets us at the first light of day. This is both joyous and sad. Joyous because we get to live another day, sad because it’s time to get up for work lol.

  7. This watch reminds of the life in a farm, whn youset the alarm to wke up early and start the day full of energy.

  8. I hope the clock is still working. I did love the clocks but these days we don’t own clocks rather we have phones.

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