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Dead Car Near New York / Connecticut Border

October 2010

21 responses to “Dead Car Near New York / Connecticut Border”

  1. It looks like a Nimpala. I always remember my favorite tv series “Supernatural” by this car.

  2. Abandoned cars everywhere, sometimes I wonder why went wrong with all the cars left this way. you capture it well though.

  3. I think the car was forgotten there because its becoming old fashioned. Nice discovery and shot there.

  4. Being able to see such beauty looking like that saddens me. I really hope someone will try to restore this car back to its glory days.

  5. Cadillac? This is quiet sad. We have a classic car just sitting out here broken!!! I wish someone will save it and restore it to its glory, Very nice shot. It has a retro vibe to it.

  6. The environment of where this car is looks welcoming. Broken cars everywhere causing traffic gridlock sometimes.

  7. I really wonder how you can always find locations or objects like this to be the object of your photos. Look at the location of the car in this photo, it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere!

  8. I love the background on this photo, it looks so beautiful! But having an abandoned car there makes this place a little mysterious and creepy for me.

  9. There’s no telling for how long this car has been abandoned. It could have been here for some decades.

  10. I know a few car collectors who would be excited to see this. They wouldn’t hesitate to restore it and keep it as a collector’s item.

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