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Definitely Northern Now

August 2020

20 responses to “Definitely Northern Now”

  1. All phones before mobile ones came along. I appreciate it but to me the classics are always better. We would not be enjoying all this tech now if these did not pave the way for it.

  2. This reminds me of my childhood days at my Grandpa house. Thanks for this memory giving post

  3. Wow, I can recall many things whenever I see such beauty. Some of the houses that I visited still uses this kind of phone in their household.

  4. This is classic. I can remember seeing my granny with this. I think it was a delight to own it then

  5. This is an old school telephone in the analog days. We are in digital world where the gsm has outshine the telephony of a thing.

  6. That picture brings many memories of my chilhood to my head. Those were good times and life had a different rythm and sense.

  7. I wonder if it actually works or is simply being used as a coversation piece. I wouldn’t mind one like this in my house.

  8. That’s an antique phone, but I love the nostalgia it brings. Twenty years from now, we’ll be looking at cellphones the same way.

  9. This phone brought me a nice memory, when I was playing with the phone at my grandmother’s house.

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