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February 2016

15 responses to “DESOTO”

  1. Weird title is that a car model? In any case if it pertains to this car then it is not looking good. It look like it has seen better days and ready to be in the junk yard to rest. I wanna see how it look like in its glory days.

  2. This is a battered car and it’s in a bad state and environment. But it still a good shot for photography. Nice job.

  3. Old rickety car deserving of where it is being parked because it of no physical or economic value to the owner. Maybe it would have been better if it was left in the museum.

  4. Yea, DeSoto is an American automobile that people spent thousands to own. This is pretty badly abandoned. What baffles me is how did the car get there. Nice shoot Tom.

  5. This must be abandoned there due to an accident I presume. You made the shot from the perfect corner. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Vintage car and really cool merge with nature. It looks like someone took it out camping. Sweet pic!

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