20 thoughts on “Destroyed Office

  1. What , what a state of discombobulation. Abandoned and destroyed. It will require tough work to put back in shape

  2. This office needs a remodeling, so that it returns to attend the public because it is quite abandoned.

  3. It is far from destroyed but it is definitely in bad shape. Did a storm come in? For that matter I see vandalism too. Hey at least it is not dark just messy.

  4. Wouldn’t step foot in here without hefty boots on. I feel like the destroyer left his mark with that star symbol on the wall.

  5. The office looks so unkept and dirty. I think this must have resulted from personal or group decision. The office looks so shattered.

  6. I wonder what kind of business that office was then. The color of the office is not a typical one. Most offices have white walls.

  7. Looks like it was a decent sized office when it was still in use. The sky blue walls made it look quite relaxing too.

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