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September 2017

10 responses to “Diamonds”

  1. I think these are not diamonds but broken window glass. Whatever it is, it is still sharp. Great photo, angle, and colors.

  2. I wonder if they are real diamonds. I keep on staring on the photo for a few minutes, huh. 🙂 Nicely capture.

  3. This is really confusing I wonder if that is real diamond.There look really shiny like the real diamonds.You capture right.

  4. These broken glasses look magnificent to my eyes. They are really alluring. I like the sharpness of the photo.

  5. At first glance this is useless. However, it can work as a metaphor much less a visual illusion. I mean the glass looks like a diamond up close.

  6. It doesn’t look like diamonds to me! They look like broken glass to me. The angle of the photo looked like it.

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