April 2018

19 thoughts on “Did I Dissapoint You

  1. Beautiful structure but seems it wasn’t finish before abandoned. So disappointed. Anyways it wont require much to set adaptable

  2. Tears drops from my cheek. What a paradise would this abandoned building would have been. So calm and peaceful

  3. This is a nice big house. I guess three families can all live here, in this house as big as this.

  4. We all felt disappointed and has disappointed someone at one point or the other that is the irony of life. However, being disappointed is okay if it forces us to do better. Staying in it for too long that is the issue here.

  5. This is a gigantic house..I think its a lonely building..it is still nice looking..great shot

  6. A bit disappointed I wonder why such nice structure was abandoned, it would have serve a great purpose I believe.

  7. This is quite a well built house, and certainly not disappointing. The only element that I could find disappointing is that red chimney/brick structure on its side. It certainly brings a splash of color, but somehow it also looks out of place.

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