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Did You Remember To Pay The Utilities

Did You Remember To Pay The Utilities

March 2019


19 responses to “Did You Remember To Pay The Utilities”

  1. It looks like a solitarie place for living, I must admit that I love the idea to live in a place like that.

  2. Cute little home. The painted color looks quite rare on the exterior. The caption of this house though.

  3. The color of this house catched my eye. I don’t always see a house painted in yellow.

  4. The picture is nice..great shot..but I’m still waiting to know the correlation between the title and the picture.. I was expecting an article when i saw that heading…

  5. Yellow for a house is gorgeous. The house can easily be seen from a far based just on the color description.

  6. I always remember to pay the utilities. I’ve been reminding all the time with the help of online banking. Great house by the way.

  7. Funny looking home and coated with a yellow paint. Oh well it might just be what the owner wanted.

  8. I always pay my utilities in time because if not this is gonna be problematic ha ha. Anyway, nice house and it stands out due to its color.

  9. Looking at the state of that house I doubt the owner remembered to pay the utilities. It looks like it was abandoned a while back.

  10. From the look of things nobody has been home for a long time. I don’t think the utility bills were taken care of either.

  11. With a little maintenance this house can be transformed into a beautiful home! The owner shouldn’t give up on this beauty.

  12. The state of the house and the snow on top can ring in your mind to remind you of the things you ought to have done. Great shot here.

  13. Why on earth would a person abandon such a lovely house? its still looking great even if its neglected.

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