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Discarded Ice Skates

Discarded Ice Skates

January 2016

13 responses to “Discarded Ice Skates”

  1. Well, the ice skates looks okay but one cant dispose something like that without a reason. Good pix though

  2. I am pretty sure this ice skate must have been abandoned for a particular reason or reasons. Nice shot taken there Tom.

  3. I bet who ever disposed of these ice skates, have no need for them. Probably because winter has gone and it is now summer.

  4. Probably someone in winter season forgot their skates in that desolate place, the skates look in good condition, they could serve me.

  5. It looks like it’s still appropriate to use it 🙂 You can still use it for other things like Tom Hanks did in his film “Cast Away”.

  6. This looks totally abandoned,but you did captured it well and I know it was your best effort and it came out nice.

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