February 2011

21 thoughts on “Discarded Storage

  1. This is a scruffy,dirty storage..what do I even expect?..but a storage can be neater and the items arranged in an orderly manner

  2. Our house’s attic looks exactly like this. It is a pretty useful space where you can really store those furniture/appliances/etc. that you don’t need anymore.

  3. This should be a storage all old kind of old stuff. This look awfully nice though. You gave this photo a good shot of it.

  4. The room must have smelt like old items. I just love the smell of old items. They seem to hold the precious memories of that person.

  5. The look of this photo i just feel like i would grab my pale and water and come do some cleaning. Great picture though really captured the essence of everything.

  6. It seems everyone was throwing everything. We also have a space in our house like this place.

  7. I’m sure there are a few valuables in this mess. You just have to be brave enough to go through it.

  8. It would have been better to burn them than store them. They don’t look like they were being used at all anyway.

  9. It looks messy and dirty, I never undertood why people keeps things that should be in the garbage.

  10. A little cleaning up not just with the area but with the things will tide things up. Treasured things should always be well kept.

  11. Just storage will do. I do have a similar room in my house. A place where all my junk goes into. That is what a storage room is right?

  12. Looks lie the owner of the place was a cowboy, or at least a lover of cowboy style. So many hats here.

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