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17 responses to “Discombobulated”

  1. I feel like this house was either hit by a tornado or was the result of a madman going on a smashing rampage. I hope the house owner has good insurance.

  2. I may not know what this word means lol. However, I get what it meant perhaps by the scene alone. I could be wrong but it looks like a mess,

  3. I honestly googled the word, Discombobulated. Never heard the word before. Learning new words everyday, lol.

  4. This isn’t just abandoned, its a renovation going on picture. Cant imagine how the room will look like after the repair. Nice shoot

  5. What a badly kept room. The heading really fit it. I don’t think can dwell here no matter what, until it’s properly fixed.

  6. Everything is in utter chaos. I can understand why it would confuse the heck out of any person who would want to sort through this room if he or she would want to clear it up for renovation.

  7. The room is in chaos, but the walls look great. Somebody must have decided to mess up the place completely.

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