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Disheveled Dresser


February 2016

13 responses to “Disheveled Dresser”

  1. That’s a pretty beaten up dresser. I’m noticing an old relics trend! It’s good to see that objects or fragments from the past still serve a purpose years later. Dirty objects too!

  2. I like restoring old things. I think this dresser can be refurbished into a beautiful dresser again.

  3. I like the topic in this picture, even the places is felling down the dresser still ca be fixed.

  4. It is missing drawers but still in mint condition. If it were me I will paint it perhaps polish it here to there and use it again. It can be a useful toolbox for my husband.

  5. How to judge art from this picture because I am not an artist :). There may be certain memories by taking this picture.

  6. Though you can see that the dresser is quite old, but its still in good shape. Just a couple of repairs and its good to go. Great shot here.

  7. I doubt this can be put back together. I will prefer a new one though. It will serve me a lot better.

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