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May 2019


18 responses to “Dismissed”

  1. The building could still be useful for sure. I hope it gets restored. This is a university, I

  2. The building has weeds growing all over it. It must have been abandoned a long time ago.

  3. Despite the poor state of the structure the photo is very well taken. Great job Thomas!

  4. The whole place looks like a ghost town. It’s like it experienced some kind of nuclear disaster.

  5. For an abandoned building this looks good. However looks can be deceiving. It has a few cracks so it may fall down. It looks eerie quiet to boot.

  6. Could dismissed also means abandoned because this building doesn’t look dilapidated or is it my eyes. It isn’t looking old.

  7. This building looks securely built, even though it gives off a partly antiquated feel. I’m sure with a few upgrades, it could serve as a very respectable university or public arena.

  8. Dang, that school has seen its years huh? Really makes you think of your own school years back in the day.

  9. What is that building for? The surrounding is serene, but the structure needs attention. The picture is giving an antique look.

  10. This is too cool to be an abadoned property. Well, if it is, it really clean and neat though.

  11. Amazing photo as always! Loving the ambiance. It has a quiet yet mysterious feel to it. Hope it gets restored!

  12. This building looks too good to be abandoned. It just requires a bit of renovations and its good to go.

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