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Do Not Enter

Do Not Enter

17 responses to “Do Not Enter”

  1. Great luring shot. The sense of intrigue makes you want to enter despite the warning. At the end of the day, rules are meant to be broken.

  2. Do not enter, enter at your own risk. Carefully taken picture. Good colour from an experienced professional

  3. This is a type of hallway I will love to walk through. Just as neat and sharp like I like my passage be. This is a clean shot.

  4. This must be a No Go Zone for non technical experts. The place might have dangerous and deadly equipments installed there. I love the photography quality. Keep it up Tom

  5. This should be a reserved area for some very special people. Do not enter if you are not told to do so.

  6. The placing of the sign shows that this place hasn’t been operational for a while. Beats me why they had to shut it down.

  7. This is an awesome photo because it evokes mystery. It makes someone ask themselves a lot of questions for instance what is that black barrier, is there a door behind the sign?

  8. Psychology says that the more you put your foot down on stuff the more people will break it. Simply put we find beauty in the unknown and the explicit. It makes me wanna go in more just to see what is in there.

  9. Where did you get this shot? It seems like an abandoned school or building. Anyways, thanks for the photo as usual.

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