Do you have a daily or weekly routine that you follow?

12 thoughts on “Do you have a daily or weekly routine that you follow?

  1. I guess for now that would be my job!!! It is not all bad tho. I love it and I am enjoying myself doing it everyday. If it becomes tiring well I will just take some time off and be back at it again.

  2. I do have a daily routine that I surely follow. I woke up as early as 6 in the morning and then have my cup of coffee after wards. I surely do this especially that I spent my work at home.

  3. My weekly routine would usually involve my family. I work outside the city from monday to friday, so weekend is family day. I always try to let my wife enjoy at least a day for herself.

  4. Yes I do follow a routine. From bed every week days to Saturday. My sundays isnt followed through any routine, just church. Healthy routine better for the body

  5. My daily routine is waking up to a cup of water as the first thing in the morning. And also just a cut of water as last drink at night. It has really helped me.

  6. I think I have for both it’s does depends on the project available at a time, so it can either be done weekly or daily,

  7. In contrast to most people here, I don’t have an exact daily routine as of yet. I’m slowly making one, despite how scattered my mind tends to get on occasion.

    Of course, one of my fears is that having a routine would make me too predictable to other people, but these days, I think God’s trying to hammer the message into my guts that if I have no particular routine, I’d probably miss more opportunities in life than getting them.

    To those who are struggling, especially those on the spectrum, I hope that you find your way through. I’m still fighting, too.

  8. I am fighting against the bad habits that do not allow me to be constant, sometimes I do my daily routines such as exercising, reading a book, having my classes, working, studying my exercises but in a week I do it and maybe not the next week.

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