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Doctor’s Office

Doctor's Office


12 responses to “Doctor’s Office”

  1. So in my own words mean one patient waiting at a time. The chair look rusting meaning this room has been abandoned quit a long time. Nice lightening Thomas

  2. Is this actually a doctors office ,and what’s the purpose of the chair if I may ask? Could it be for patients to sit and wait for their turn to be checked on by the doctor? The place looks old probably like all does missionary hospitals.

  3. The doctor is out apparently lol. And yeah we all can relate to sitting on that chair waiting or talking to doctors. Come to think of it this is something we do throughout our lives is it not?

  4. An old seat model. It is viewed as a bit of antique furniture without a doubt. The spot looks very old.

  5. could that really be a doctor’s office with some old chair, maybe an abandoned doctor’s office I presume.

  6. Looks like a rundown doctor’s office, but the chair totally captures the essence of wait times. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This looks like an abandoned and ancient doctor’s office. The chair is sure for the patient’s on consultation but it looks so outdated compared to this modern day.

  8. Doctor’s office where I dread to be. I have used that type of chair in several Drs offices in my lifetime.

  9. This most be a very old office, specially cause there’s just a chair in the room. The picture is good though.

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