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Dog’s Eye View

Dog's Eye View

June 2015

19 responses to “Dog’s Eye View”

  1. What breed is this dog?..its not common…ohh…its face scream “innocence”…great picture

  2. The dog looks lost to me.did the dog missed the way. But you shot this well. The photo is just fine.

  3. This dog’ eyes look so innocent and friendly. It’s like its just looking for a friend.

    • Yeah, its such an adorable dog and looks so harmless. It looks like it can make such a good companion.

  4. He or she looks really adorable! How did you manage to take this picture? Dogs and other pets are usually very hard to take pictures of.

  5. I think dogs are the cutest pets in the world. I can’t get over how cute this dog is <3

  6. I’m not a dog expert, but from the look of it this dog would make a perfect pet. It has this calm nature and a very friendly look that’s admirable.

  7. MY nephew has this the same breed. I do not know what it is called but I always refer to it as a hotdog ha ha. Since its body looks like one.

  8. Dogs are the cutest of animals that is why they can be Human’s pet. The eye view is cute too.

  9. I love the way dog’s joyfully go about life and appreciate the simplest things like just being outside. That’s what resonates with me in this picture.

  10. awwww what an adorable Dachshund! I always wanted to have this breed but apparently in my area, there is no available breeder and seller of this particular pedigree.

  11. What a cute dog! Dogs sure give joy to people whether it be in pictures or in real life. Amazing picture as always.

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