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Double Crossed


December 2015

15 responses to “Double Crossed”

  1. A bushy path that can’t really be seen it seems the black and white edit, was to make it an art work.

  2. This is a nice construction work from the engineers. I trust that this photography is from the desk of a reputable and noble photographer Mr. TOM. I love the output of the picture, the black and White makes it unique from your other posts. Thanks for this post.

  3. i like the blurry effect, gives it an even more eerie look. Is it fog? Somehow, just looking at that picture I feel like I’m the only human alive in that world if I were there.

  4. Is that three road aligned perfectly over each other???? Professionalism and a perfect choice of output. Great work Tom

  5. Photo well captured to give us a perfect angle to see the photo just the way it should be. Good editing too.

  6. I have a fear of heights so bridges maybe not for me in a literal sense. The only bridge that I will cross is my connection with people. There is no bridge better than that.

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