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Down By The River

September 2018

18 responses to “Down By The River”

  1. Now this is a very good change of pace. I usually see dark and gritty gloomy subjects with you but not this time, This looks magnificent and very peaceful.

  2. We used to go to rivers when we were young. This picture reminds me how fun was our childhood then.

  3. I can imagine how serene the place is. From the relaxing sound of water flowing to the chirping of the birds in a clear blue sky. Incomparable!

  4. Since it’s summer, this pretty much reminds me of the rivers near my grandparent’s house. I spent most of my summers there.

  5. Beautiful reflection. Perfect spot and time of day to take this photo. It really has an uplifting grace and solemn feel to it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Water has no enemies and I live like water. I love the purity form of water and it so outstanding in this photo.

  7. Looks like a very good place to be lazy around while waiting for the fish to bite. A very peaceful and beautiful shot!

  8. This picture is about perfection. I love the landscape, specially the river and the endless sky.

  9. The river water are always cool. The photo reminds me of the coolness of the river waters. I love the shot view.

  10. Everything about this picture is perfect. I’m amazed by how skilled you are in the art of photography.

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