Drawn To The Light

June 2019

17 thoughts on “Drawn To The Light

  1. This almost looks like an ancient cathedral. I love your attention to light and space.

  2. It looks like a subway tunnel. It’s amazing how you capture the photo with a perfect angle.

  3. I like to see reflection of light anywhere I am. It gives this Ray of hope that light will always overwhelm darkness.

  4. Its a great shot. I love the background light that illuminates the entire photo giving it a unique feel.

  5. The light is actually drawing you curiously to find out where its coming from and what’s behind. Its a great shot though.

  6. This shot just trigger something in me. This shot is a really amazing sight to me. Sun reflection brings hope.

  7. I like the effect the light has on this picture. And also the peephole shape of margin makes viewers focus straight ahead.

  8. That creepy looking atmosphere is what I live for. I just love your photos.
    They are just so amazing. Thank you dear!

  9. I love it, this old tunnel could be perfect to do a sesión of fashion pictures, or to film a horror scene for a sacry movie.

  10. This really looks very calming, with the light not being too bright at all as to draw all our attention to it. I love how peaceful this shot looks.

  11. I think everyone by default seeks light. Not only because we cannot move in the dark but more so. Light can bring out the best of a structure like this one. ON a personal level, light leads us to a better path.

  12. This place looks like the basement of a building. Light is coming through the entrance of the building. Light at the end of a tunnel is always fascinating.

  13. Cool and perfect photographic view. It show the rate at which there is going to be light reflections despite how big the building is.

  14. I do pass places like these where there is lots of drawings. It’s sometimes a place where you hold those dance competition.

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