• esgyll

    That is such a nice piece of advice, I’ll be taking it. I’d love to be in a room filled with a lot of natural light like this too.

  • Obalade Damilola

    This is a wise statement.. Its so sad that a lot of people give up easily..Life is full of twist and turns..if you fail,try again.Never give up your dream

  • Era

    Not only is the shot beautiful and mysterious, the message just adds the beauty to it. Definitely one of my favorite quotes now. Thank you very much for this.

  • brainedet

    The caption is everything to me. Never let anyone kill your dreams, you just have to keep believing and working towards it.

  • Grace K

    This house is in such a mess. It will need hundreds of hours to get it back in order again if anyone dreams of turning it into something.

  • jolly555

    I like the advice up there. I believe it is what everyone should be serious with. I always believe that all my dreams are valid.

  • Brenda

    It would require a lot of dreaming for anyone to turn this house into something that’s admirable. Its been neglected for soo long.

  • Brenda

    This is very inspiring. Many times we don’t achieve our dreams just because we quit dreaming soo early.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I don’t know if this pic is a dream come true, but I appreciate the sentiment. I think the message you’re trying to convey is to dream big so you can get out of any mess.

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