• miakayuuki2012

    Good angle placement and skill. I do not know if the car was moving or still when this was taken but wow. On the contrary the dark theme works. It makes the car pop up.

  • esgyll

    Having been on road trips most of my life, this scene is very familiar to me. The long roads leading from somewhere to somewhere have always made my mind curious about adventures ever since I was a little girl, and this brings back such wonderful memories.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Perfect shot from the perfect direction. The the picture shows forward ever and backward never. Thanks for the shot TOM

  • Rae

    I love the picture! It seems like you went out for an adventure once again. Nice camera placement and it looks like a stolen shot if you ask me.

  • Danielle M

    Amazing shot, I love when an object in movement can be captured withat that clearity. besides, the black and white gives it a dramatic effect.

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