September 2015

23 thoughts on “Ducks In The Water

  1. Duck and water goes hand in hand, ducks even train their little ones swimming. Lovely concept, easy doesn’t do this one.

  2. This is colorful to look at. I like this photo of duck in the water. The ducks are really lovely. I wonder how you capture it this way

  3. Great sky-view shot! Beautiful surface and underwater focus. The colorful ducks add a lot too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The ducks and water specifies oneness. That the duck can’t do without the water. Thanks for sharing this good post.

  5. It is a tenderness to observe these ducks in the lake, they are so friendly that they do not perceive any evil, they are simply cute.

  6. They looked like figurines at a distance. How did you manage to have them pose like this? The amount of patience considering the models are animals is outstanding. Very good shot!!!!

  7. Whenever I see ducks, I remember the time when I had the opportunity to try the peking duck. It has indeed an amazing feature.

  8. Nice aerial view and the use of filters for this shot, Tom. The shot sort of freezes time, immortalizing this particular moment. What filters / edits did you use here, by the way?

  9. It’s just three duck doing what they like and minding their business. I wonder how you mange to make something so simple appear so beautiful and artistic.

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