• Alex

    This reminds of a legend we have here about a tree that snatches kids during night time. II do not believe it since it is an ancient lore but who knows. Something or someone might be watching at the other side. THis is creepy. Sorry!!!

  • Janine Bocateja

    Like kids left their toys on a forest after they played with it and called by their parents. So nostalgic of this scene. Nice shot!

  • Wilson Jake

    It’s like people went on mountain climbing with their cars, just like the scene I saw in a movie just that it was a tree like it. Nice shot guy , you are really good

  • Glad

    Toys in the forest? What could they be doing there? If children were to play in such a place they must be under supervision.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Looks like the little Barney toy is being held captive. I like the mismatch of toys and open forestry. Awesome shot and very creative.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Seeing kids toys here shows this place must have been used for a fun gathering. Nice and good photo display.

  • iamdahmmy

    These are beautiful kids toys.. I’m sure my kids will love this..someone must have put them their unintentionally

  • Mery Castle

    What a dangerous tree, with that big hole the children were trapped there, if I were the mother of these children, I would not let them play near that tree.

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