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September 2020

27 responses to “Edison”

  1. This is cool. I do not know if the building is still in use but it still looks serviceable. I wonder what is this place on its glory day? Very good shot!!!

  2. Another exploration of old buildings in urban areas. What’s the use of this place before, I wonder if it’s still operating.

  3. This old building looks still in perfect cpndittions, I like to imagine what used to happen in this type of building in past. I can imagine the workers and the movement around.

  4. Every time I see an old building like this, I can’t stop thinking how it was. Hows the people back then.

  5. Whaooo, this building is so beautiful. I love the color for its coolness. It is old and new at same time to me.

  6. I like the delicate pink colour. Even though this establishment looks run down, I am curious of its back story. The coolest part of this photo is how the building mirrors the sky and the clouds almost flawlessly.

  7. This looks a photo that you did with no sweat. It looks easily and perfectly done. I like the color combination.

  8. I have no idea what was this building before. I think there are loads of memories for some people who used to go here long time ago.

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