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November 2017

14 responses to “Edsel”

  1. Such beautiful scenery. The car and the abandoned shack looks like it was taken from the 60’s

  2. This is beautiful, this car isn’t what we seeing today but it’s a priceless gift. Just like my grandpa’s abandoned baby(car)

  3. The car looks royal in shape. It must be of great value as at then. I love the photography output.

  4. That picture makes me think of the 60´S for some reason. I love how all the colors contrast perfectly well.

  5. It is now natural for vehicles to have names these days Edsel is one lucky dude or car. I mean he is of an alpha male type after all. A very cool muscle car at that.

  6. The wood of the house looks very deteriorated, some local repairs could be done to improve the facade of the house.

  7. For some reason I really feel happy seeing that red house behind that car. It sort of gives a whimsical look to the overall picture. If the red house and car gets repaired it will look all the more whimsical for me.

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