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14 responses to “Emergency!”

  1. This is why I always fill up my car as much as I could. In case I need to travel long trips. Emergencies always rise and having a car really helps. Go to the shop and gas up.

  2. Getting extra fuel for car is necessary. Thank for this pictorial notice post.

  3. It looks like a stop over for a quick meal and refueling. I also like the type of the car used.

  4. The vibe of this place looks surreal. I can imagine stopping and grabbing a quick bite in this place.

  5. Emergency van getting fueled before saving lives. Lovely cool output, another masterpiece

  6. Maybe the car is here due to an emergency. It looks like that case where you don’t have any other options.

  7. It’s such a deserted and lonely street. I wonder why there are no people walking around.

  8. Well, it’s a relief to be able to find it in an emergency! It’s like finding a treasure…

  9. Seems like I’m watching an old film or reading an old newspaper from the past. Really tells a story. Nice shot!

  10. Emergency stopping to fuel the tank. Really lovely, so cool and the effect makes it look like an old movie

  11. Love that vintage make. There’s something very cinematic about this photo between the black and white and the retro car. Sweet pic!

  12. I love how your picture looks very vintage, it reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies

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