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Empty House (Edit)

Ashland, Pennsylvania, United States
November 2010

21 responses to “Empty House (Edit)”

  1. I would love to go and explore that house! The atmosphere of the house is creepy that it almost seems like something is living there. Love the pic!

  2. House left since 2010 or how? but it looks a beautiful house with the black and white edit. you did well with it.

  3. Is this house still under construction or what? It is a mess. This is dangerous and not to mention creepy. Very Creepy!!!

  4. Wow, this house is really messed up! I think there is no point in renovating this, it needs to be built from scratch.

  5. Well. it looks like the house could be repaired, Im wondering why the owners left it behind, i mean it can be fixed and the area where its placed could be also taken care of .

  6. It’s difficult to imagine that people once lived in this house. It is way too derelict as it is.

  7. In my opinion, I think it’s best if the house is taken down. There’s no telling when it may collapse on its own and hurt someone.

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