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Empty Streets

Empty Streets

April 2020

19 responses to “Empty Streets”

  1. Lots of streets and activities , plans on hold for this pandemic period. The streets looks calm and like war just wiped it out

  2. There will more empty streets in this pandemic. The lockdown has kept people away from the streets

  3. I miss hustling as usual, I miss my friends. I wish we can just get this ended soon. Tired already guys

  4. The deadly and scary COVID-19 has really locked virtually every activities, streets etc. I am pretty sure soon we all will be out for joyous life again.

  5. Empty streets like these have become the norm in recent times. Everyone is practicing social distance in wake of the pandemic.

  6. This photo makes one wonder what could have caused the inhabitants of this town to vacate. It might have been a disaster.

  7. All your black and white shots are always looking stunning. This one right here is no exception either.

  8. This photo reminds me of Chernobyl. The situation there is pretty much similar to what this photo depicts.

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