Every day is not only a gift but as far as I’m concerned, another day filled with plenty of opportunities to learn something new.  When I wake every morning and figure out what I want to do, or shall I say, accomplish that day, in the back of my mind I’m also thinking about what I want to learn on that day.

What I learn gets written in my notebook, things I consider interesting get photographed, and locations geotagged and mapped accordingly.  I use my blog/website to keep it all together and share it with the world.

Not that long ago, I published a book of poetry and sold a handful of copies; enough to make my parents proud, but too few to make a profit.  Poetry is a hard commity to sell; writing, by its very nature is difficult to sell.  My next book is going to likely be non-fiction, that is of course if I ever get around to writing it!

When I write, I do so not in hopes of selling millions of copies and making a fortune, but rather as a labor of love, hoping that my words might one day become a contribution to society; a modern society that is overwhelmed with a constant flow of information of little or no literary value.

It saddens me that every time I read blogs on the Internet, most of the time the authors only write about things that nobody cares about.  All the cutting edge technology is available to just about anyone with access to the Internet and 90% of it is useless crap.  I like to think of myself as (hopefully) being somewhere with in that remaining 10%!

The writing wotld in some ways is like the Internet.  If an author gets their work published and becomes famous or successful from that one piece of work, readers expect that every subsequent piece thereafter will be just as good, if not better than the one before it.  If you are so lucky to have authored three or more successful books, others will look up to you, but as I mentioned earlier, one unsuccessful piece and you’ll be flipping hamburgets at a fast food jount with no chance of ever regaining your acclaimed status.  A pedistal is not an elevator.

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