Everyone Else Has Somewhere They Need To Be

June 2019

16 thoughts on “Everyone Else Has Somewhere They Need To Be

  1. Wicked graffiti!! I like everything that’s going on in this photo including that backwards table. This whole pic to me is an artistic ensemble.

  2. A very spacious room. I wonder what room is this for. The graffiti on the wall is nice though
    Good shot.

  3. Cool shot you capture this well but why so many abandoned and uncaered-for building. Nice one

  4. Its a great shot that arouses your curiosity. Makes you want to find out what’s behind the the graffiti.

  5. It seems like this table also needs to be somewhere. Its just nowhere misplaced in the middle of the room.

  6. It reminds me of the dancing place my aunts and uncles used to go when I was young. The floors are made of wood and well polished with posts in the middle. It really brings back memories.

  7. This looks like an art work with meanings. I can’t really figure it out but it sure a nice photoshoot to me.

  8. The relationship between the title and the picture is something I can’t wrap my brain around…

  9. That’s a very spacious room, with a lot of natural light. I wonder what people used to do there when that building was still in use.

  10. This picture reminds me of the early 90’s, it looks like an old place used for exercising or dancing.

  11. A few clean up job and this would be a good hideout or just additional space that can be used for anything. If it were me this will be a good garage or a park space.

  12. Is the place getting renovated? Nobody seems to stay over there. Wooden planks are coming up. Its a bigger space which could look awesome if maintained properly.

  13. This looks like an abandoned car park or a car park where work is going on. I life be this photographic capture. Thanks to the photographer.

  14. You took the photo at a good angle. The view makes the graffiti photo looks more pleasing.

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