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Everything Is Going To Be Okay

October 2020

14 responses to “Everything Is Going To Be Okay”

  1. Yeah we all need this these days. A bit of positive stuff will never hurt. Everything is gonna be okay? We sure hope so. The world, everyone needs it.

  2. Thank you Tom for this image. This picture makes me feel positive about everything, despite how bad a place I’m in right now.

  3. Believe that what we are striving for these days for the future, will not be in vain. If we are experiencing difficult times now, it means that it is not the end of our struggle. The end of our struggle will surely be beautiful. If it’s not beautiful, it’s not the end.

  4. Your post is so cool and good. The topic really gets me to go through this good post. I love your person Tom.

  5. What a touching mural. I love the colors and the message, it makes me think of hard times when I really need to hear those words.

  6. Aw, that is too cute. Very comforting monkey and pigeon. I think everyone overcome with stress would get a kick out of this photo.

  7. I’m always inspired by this quote. If it’s not yet okay, it’s not yet the end for you.

  8. I’m feeling a little down lately. And I need to be reminded by this quote everyday. I really hope it will all be okay.

  9. Of course everything is going to be okay. It always will, so we really should remain optimistic at all times.

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