• Oliver

    I always like to also sit this pretty anytime I want to have an exclusive time. Yes exclusive zone is good for relaxation

  • AMAN

    That picture of lady is nice but has some hidden feeling beneath her mind. She seems in a mood where she likes to spend some time alone.

  • Alex

    I agree this is more than a photo. For one the focus is on her belly? That is rare for a model. What is she thinking? I guess we will never know.

  • Wilson Jake

    Art like this on the walls are master piece, always lovely to the eyes. Nice shot and the ladies complement the picture

  • Danielle M

    Beautiful color contrast, it´s amazing how the people who make these type of murals is getting more and more creative.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Such a great concept photo. The graffiti and the youthful look in the girl’s eyes reminds me of teen-aged adolescence and the rebellion phase. It also emphasizes the outcasts from those years and who they would identify with.

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