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Fading Sign

Fading Sign

May 2019


15 responses to “Fading Sign”

  1. Judging from the two buildings it seem they are quite old, and have been exposed to so much rain and sun. No wonder the signs are fading away.

  2. This things are normal..signs fade by the passage of time..the building is very old

  3. The buildings itself are already old, so is the signs. I guess it’s better to have the signs repai ted for it to be read clearly.

  4. Sign will always go with time . What will remain forever is the memories of it. It sure stick on.

  5. Initially read one part of the sign as “Plush Goth Goats”. ^_^;

    Yep, that sign DOES need to be repainted, if it’s still usable.

  6. It just needs repaint. Signs like this are easy to fix as suppose to a handmade one. A paint always gets the job done.

  7. Its a true reflection of reality. As we get older our beauty and forms start fading away. But the good thing with this one is it can be repainted.

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