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Fair Haven Depot

The Fair Haven Depot was constructed circa 1890 by the Delaware and Hudson Railway.
More Information: Abandoned Vermont: Fair Haven Depot | Revisiting An Abandoned Vermont Property: Fair Haven Depot

Fair Haven Depot
Fair Haven, Vermont, United States

November, 2020

24 responses to “Fair Haven Depot”

  1. The fair haven doesn’t look bad at all. The background is all superb and the haven coolor gave it a mild outlook

  2. Quite a charming building. If it could be renovated, I think it would still be a place people would like to go back to due to the beautiful view about it.

  3. Wow, this old and the structure still looks great. Seriously just a little touch and I will lay my head here. Great shot

  4. I just love the details of the building. Even though the building has been there for many years, it kept on standing and serving its purpose.

  5. Now that’s a bright looking building! Interestingly enough, it looks a little run down, but still holds a welcoming appeal. Definitely worth capturing especially in this daylight.

  6. For a building over a century old it is in very good shape. That’s a sign of just how well built it is.

  7. What is up with these ” DEPOTS” Looking like houses? Is this a design liberty or what? This is very different when a depot comes to my mind. In my area at least.

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