• Anderson

    The fact that the flowers are fake doesn’t take away from the quality of the photo. This is a very professional looking photo.

    • Glad

      Although I love real flowers because of the smell they produce. However in this picture you can’t tell if the are fake or not, as long as it serves it’s purpose and that is to beautify the house.

  • Alex

    I usually prefer real flowers but I guess if it is for decoration purposes a plastic is much more preferable over a real one because it cannot and will never WILT. In this shot however I prefer real stuff? I mean it is already a photo so at least give it life.

  • Andres Caviedes

    In this photo these beautiful live flowers are highlighted, what worries me are the leaves that have fallen, or it may be that someone has plucked them.

  • Mark Janeo

    The way that the blossoms are phony doesn’t detract from the nature of the photograph. This is an expert looking photograph.

  • joynb

    I would have omitted the word “fake” as “plastic” already suggests that the flower is “unnatural” or synthetic. Nevertheless, i don’t think there is nothing wrong about using plastic flowers. They are a lot easier to maintain and very durable, too.

  • Nadine

    These plastic flowers look real. Some people don’t like fake flowers for decorations but they are beautiful even if they are not real.

  • esgyll

    They certainly don’t look fake from this shot. That is, until I see the lone stalk protruding from the back and reminds me that this is indeed a “bouquet” of plastic flowers.

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