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Fall From Grace

May 2017

20 responses to “Fall From Grace”

  1. Abandoned but has not yet fallen. Weeds and reptiles enjoying themselves I guess. Nice effect, makes it look very abandoned

  2. This house is definitely falling from grace. I’m sure it was a nice building before now. But time and period has made it fallen

  3. I see an abandoned building in a deserted area. But it a good pic for our viewing pleasure. Capturing well done

  4. Sounds about right. All things eventually wither and die. The trick is before we come to that at least we hope to age gracefully.At least a building can still be restored and from the looks of it this means work. A lot of work.

  5. Abandoned and might be occupied by different creatures. Nothing stands forever, will eventually fall some day.

  6. It means that this house was abandoned for some unknown reason which affected the family members, so they decided to abandon it.

  7. I bet it can still be restored to its former grace. It wouldn’t be a cheap undertaking though haha

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