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Farm Machine

12 responses to “Farm Machine”

  1. Abandoned farm machine and farmland too. But it looks where good crops can be grown . Thanks for the shot.

  2. Such a dramatic black and white shot. It looks like antique postcard quality in its almost dreamy composition. The blurry effects on the blades of grass seem to do that trick quite effectively.

  3. Here I see an abandoned farm machine because it got spoilt during duty. Everything that looses its value will just be abandoned… Nice pic Tom with alot of meaning.

  4. The filter is really felt. An old place with a black and white background always gives a unique impact.

  5. This must be a huge farm to require a machine this big. I wish I could see the whole scale of it.

  6. That looks like a well equipped farm machine. I’d love to see it in action and watch the mechanics.

  7. This is like a huge farm machine. The color effect is so light that I can see it clearly though. But it still a good shot.

  8. The machine looks very reliable. It reminds me of my grandad’s farm. He used to ride one of these to plow the fields. So nostalgic at the very least.

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