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FDNY Ladder 3

New York City, United States

January 2021

13 responses to “FDNY Ladder 3”

  1. Men in action, love to give my respect when ever i see this van or people on it. Great sacrifice. Cool pix

  2. It looks like a very active urban scene. The firetruck makes me think that something dramatic is happening not so far of that area.

  3. Real heroes don’t wear capes or any costume at all. The picture simply shows the fire truck of New York but it symbolizes help and saving lives. Give thanks to all the heroes out there. We salute you all.

  4. I know frontliners are huge now but these are heroes too. At times heroes can come at any form and these guys really qualifies. Very good truck though.

  5. The ladder of this fire truck is larger than that of a utility pole maintenance car, astonishingly spectacular.

  6. That is a nice looking fire truck at the middle of the street. Hope there is no fire to put out because the truck does not seem to be in motion.

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